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Garage door cable tracks are simple, but important parts of the garage doors. They guide the rollers and the cable when opening and closing the door. A damaged track could prevent the door from working properly. It may get stuck or you may not be able to open or close the door at all. Aside from the inconvenience, an off track door could also pose a serious safety risk. This is why track problems should not be taken for granted. They must be resolved immediately. When it comes to this area, you can count on garage door repair Pine Castle to provide unparalleled and timely service at a reasonable cost.

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Garage Door Cable TracksThere are various reasons on why you may need to deal with damaged garage door tracks. Accidentally bumping the door with a heavy vehicle or object could cause the tracks to bend. The rollers or cables getting off track may also cause the bending. Decayed footings and jamb are other possible causes. Old tracks are prone to corrosion, but the new ones are not. However, even though the newer tracks are corrosion and rust resistant, they may still deteriorate fast if exposed to road salt and other chemicals. You can count on our top notch service for a bent garage door track repair.

We at garage door repair Pine Castle  are experienced in fixing track problems. As much as we can, we repair the track so you can save money on the replacement. However, there are instances that the best option is to get a replacement. If this is the case, we’ll recommend having it replaced since you will only be spending more money on having it repaired repeatedly. Our priority is always the best solution to every situation. This is why our clients have trusted us and have been with us throughout the years. New competitions surfaced but they remained loyal to us because we always keep their needs first.

Aside from fixing and replacing tracks, we also offer other types of services, including garage door repair and installation. We are also experts when it comes to door openers, parts and accessories. Our technicians are honest so you can be sure that you are dealing not just with skilled and experienced people, but with trustworthy individuals too.

Don’t wait for a long time to have your tracks or other door and opener problems fixed. Call us immediately and trust that we’ll never let you down.

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