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A garage door is an important part of a home. Modern doors are now automated to bring convenience. They are available in various materials, types and styles. No matter how simple or complex a door system is, these doors are differentiated in two main ways; their material and the way they open. The most common type is an overhead door, but they can also be in sliding and bifold type. The materials used vary from steel to wood, vinyl and glass. They also vary by style and design, as some look traditional or classic, while others look so contemporary. The major garage door brands in the market today are Clopay,

Genie, Chamberlain and Stanley.

Garage DoorsOur garage door repair Pine Castle can install, repair and maintain doors of all makes and models. We have experienced technicians who can work on the major brands mentioned above. We can recommend the right type of door to be installed in your home, with considerations on your location and budget. The most common type offered for residential application is an overhead door. This door works on a track that lifts it over the opening. It typically comes in sections so it can move around the bend in the garage door track.

Types and Materials of Doors

Sliding garage doors share some characteristics with an overhead door, such as being in a track. However, sliding type doors always stay in a vertical position and just simply slide away from the opening. This is why it must have enough space on at least a side. Bifold or two-fold doors fold up to open.  The door is sectioned in the middle part with the bottom pulled upwards to the top when opened. Both top and bottom come to a position that is nearly horizontal when it opens, like an overhead type of door. Steel is a common material used for garage doors because it is strong and durable, but it has poor insulation qualities. Wood is a good insulator but it requires more maintenance. New materials include vinyl and glass. We have all these at the most competent garage door prices.

Regardless of the type and material of your door, we can provide garage door repair and servicing. Whether you need help with your door opener or any other parts, you can trust our team to provide professional quality of work.

Contact us now if you need a new door installed or parts repaired.

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