Things That Could Go Wrong With Your Garage Door

Things That Could Go Wrong With Your Garage Door

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Depending on various factors, electric garage doors will have to give you some hassles at some point no matter what type or brand they are. If there’s one thing that we all know to be true it’s that nothing lasts forever. So if your door is opening and closing like it should, then good for you. Enjoy it while it does, because at some point it’s not going to respond, hopefully not when you’re on the way to work. If that’s just happened to – don't worry because you’re about to learn more about your unresponsive entrance.

Let’s start with the motor

Things That Could Go Wrong With Your Garage Door in FloridaThe opener motor does all the heavy lifting and is essentially the heart of your automatic system, but I’m sure you already knew that. To find out what could be wrong ask yourself if the motor is responding. If not, don’t try and fix it yourself, you could do more damage than good.

Think about whether your garage has been opening noisily lately. If so, you’re probably in need of some serious lubricant maintenance. If it hasn’t, a part may have suffered some damage and could need replacing.
But what should I do if the motor is working, but nothing else is?

Diagnose the system

Start with the garage door remote, test out a few if you can to make sure. You’d be surprised how often the remote is overlooked. If it’s not that then move on to the receiver. Is it responsive, powered and properly connected to the system, and are the remotes properly programed to it?

What does the chain, belt or screw in the drive system look like? They can wear over time and cause the opener to fail. At this point they would need replacement to get the systems back in running order, it’s not a big deal, and it’s also not expensive. Call Garage Door Repair in Pine Castle for further advice.

Sometimes the door springs can fail due to extreme tension over a long time, and they rust fairly easily. They too are fairly easily replaced regardless of what kind of door you have. Other parts that are subject to being worn down include the brackets, tracks and wheels if your system includes them. Although normally when this happens the damage is immediately noticeable, but it too is not an issue to get fixed.

Check on the condition of the doors themselves as well, especially if you live in a damp climate. All kinds of doors, no matter what materials they are made of, are vulnerable to rust, rot and decomposition. But keeping them treated and coated with paint will generally protect them from the atmosphere, as neglecting to do this however can lead to complicated problems for your system, and they will almost definitely be expensive ones to fix.

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